Automations We Love: How the #1 Women’s College Uses Workato to Rectify Data Across Workday and Oracle

At many universities and colleges, integration and automation are especially challenging, because:

  • They often work with niche programs that fulfill unique needs—like Emergency Alert Systems—that create data silos and may not have out-of-box connectors
  • They must meet specific security requirements, such as adequately protecting Personal Identifying Information (PII)
  • They usually have fewer developer resources available, so they have limited bandwidth to code automations and integrations from scratch
  • They feel a strong push to run as lean an organization as possible.

For organizations that don’t have the resources to devote to custom coding integrations and automations, Workato can be a flexible, affordable solution. Here’s how the nation’s top women’s college uses the platform to seamlessly tie their student database together with Workday.

Who? The U.S.’s premier women’s college

What are they doing with Workato? Rectifying crucial HR information between two databases

Challenge: While in the process of migrating to Workday, the college realized it needed a better way to rectify information across different systems. Faculty information is stored in Workday, and student information is housed in an Oracle Banner database.

Because students are sometimes also part-time faculty—such as in the case of graduate students who work as teaching assistants—information from both systems must be cross-checked before they can move the data into other systems, such as the college’s emergency alert program.


  • Workato automatically cross-references information between Workday and the Oracle Banner database.
  • Once the information has been rectified to account for students who are also part-time faculty members, Workato pushes it into the college’s emergency alert contact system.


  • The college can use Workato’s out-of-box connectors to cross-reference data
  • No custom coding required, which saves time and energy for the CIO
  • The workflow is easily extensible as the college’s processes change.

Automatically Cross-Referencing Information Between Workday and Oracle

Workday automation allows the college to seamlessly rectify data across apps.

America’s #1 women’s college has a storied history of offering a world-class education to its students. In addition to undergraduate courses, the college also offers several graduate programs. These programs often involve significant hands-on teaching requirements, where graduate students act as teaching assistants for undergraduate classes.

Because graduate students in these programs qualify as both students and faculty, they require unique treatment from the school. In the case of a school-wide emergency, for example, graduate students are notified along with other faculty and must respond appropriately.

As part of a broader push towards digital transformation, the college recently switched to Workday as an HR hub. During this migration, however, the school realized that it needed to rectify faculty information in Workday with student information, which is still housed in a legacy Oracle Banner database. Rectifying this information is crucial to processes like emergency alerts, because it enables the college to appropriately notify graduate students who are also working as part-time faculty.

To do this more efficiently, the college uses Workato’s out-of-box connectors to cross-reference data between the systems. Once the information has been rectified to account for students who are also part-time faculty members, Workato pushes it into the college’s emergency alert contact system.

Unlike a custom-built solution, this Workday automation requires zero code. Not only does this save time, effort, and money for the CIO, but it also means the solution is much more agile. The college can change it as processes evolve with no hassle!

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