Workato Basics Video Tutorial: How to Create App Connections

A business functions much like an orchestra does. An orchestra is divided into sections – string, woodwind, brass, and percussion – each working in accord, trading ideas and complementing each other throughout the process. Likewise, sales, human resources, customer success, technical support, and accounting all work in concert to create a successful business. But each department uses their own specialized app, like Salesforce for CRM, HubSpot for marketing automation, or QuickBooks for accounting.  Making the apps work together is vital to make the right business decisions.

In this quick video tutorial, you can see how easy it is to connect apps, as a part of your recipes, with Workato. Simply sign in and securely authorize your accounts.

When you are running a business like an orchestra, you need to make sure everything is working together.  Workato serves as the conductor, helping to make sense of all the noise.