Workato Basics Video Tutorial: How to Map Input Fields Between Apps

Ever needed to get data from one app to another but couldn’t because the data fields had different names?  For example, “Customer ID” and “Customer Name” won’t automatically sync between apps since the apps see these fields as distinct even though they are the same to you. The only way to make sure the job gets done, thus, is to manually export the data you want to transfer and copy it in yourself. This practice, scaled across a business, is brutally time-consuming and error-prone.

In the first of a series of video tutorials, you can learn how to quickly map different data fields between apps using Workato.

Finally, you can break the tedium of manual data entry. By mapping input fields you now have complete freedom over how and when you sync data between your apps. Pull data directly from over 75+ apps to build custom connections and automate integrations. Stay tuned for additional weekly video tutorials showing you how to use different Workato features in just 2 minutes!