How Sales Reps can Close Deals Faster by Integrating Showpad

Sales reps are consistently focused on securing deals and finding their next customers.  But they can’t do it alone; familiarity with demos, case studies and collateral will make the most use of a salesperson’s limited time with prospective clients.  Weeks of grooming, planning and mock presentations can potentially fall apart if your meeting is not smooth, your demo doesn’t work, or the case studies are missing.

Showpad can help your business solve these problems by ensuring your sales reps can quickly access only the information that matters for their market in one platform.  Showpad lets users access sales collateral, share ideas and see how prospects engage with these ideas.  Your sales team can now focus on the final sale, instead of stumbling over introductions without context specific content.

The Integration of Showpad Across Business Platforms

Modern sales prospecting utilizes many data sources: conversations logged in a CRM app, responses to campaigns from marketing automation apps, and even social media insights from analytics apps.  All of these data inputs play a role in securing a customer but they all live in different systems.  For example, CRM data lies with Salesforce or Zoho, marketing automation in HubSpot or Marketo and social media from Twitter and Instagram.  Asking your sales representatives to pull this data from each of these platforms erodes their ability to make a sale.  Your account executives, sales representatives and managers can gather all of the significant intelligence to convey to prospects that your product is their savior.

Workato Shows Off Showpad’s Full Value

Workato makes centralizing customer intelligence fast, easy, and accurate so sales reps are as prepared as possible for their next sales or business development meeting.  Whenever one of your information platforms is updated with new information, it will be automatically synced in both ways so all connected systems and team members have the latest intelligence possible.  Not only will your sales team benefit from this integration, but your customer success and customer support teams inevitably will as well.  Better understanding a customer’s needs will allow these teams to deliver more individualized, relevant support.

Workato has compiled a library of ready-made Showpad recipes that can autonomously sync your business data.  You can also choose to make your own with Workato’s do-it-yourself platform.

Workato integration with Dropbox and ShowpadSync Dropbox Folder with Showpad Files

With this recipe, your field sales representatives will always have the latest and most accurate collateral and product information by syncing files between Dropbox and Showpad.  Logging on to the file server to get access is no longer necessary, as the files will be immediately uploaded to Showpad.

Without this consolidated intelligence, another company may be meeting with your prospects while your employees are still gathering data.  Don’t put your sales reach at risk.  Showpad will link sales and marketing, but fails to also align with CRM platforms, social media input, Dropbox files and more.  Integrating Showpad with your other business apps will only increase the value of the app and your business’s sales success.

Showpad will change your sales strategies, but integrating it with your additional business apps will bolster your profitability and ease of workflow forever.  Let Workato handle the integration process, so your sales and customer service team can close their sales with ease.  Explore Showpad recipes from Workato and discover all ways you can integrate Showpad across your business.

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