WorkHack: Mobilize Sales and Secure Customer Loyalty with Vend

Small business owners need to get insights from their purchase data to grow.  Point-of-sale (POS) technology not only makes it easy to accept the latest payment method but they also give owners great insight to their business via real-time reporting.  With this data, you’re empowered with ways to grow sales, say, through an online storefront.

POS masters Vend introduced a cloud app that collaborates with business owners to sell products in-store and online.  Augmenting your customer dataset can help you make inventory decisions, develop a customer loyalty program, and see product performance immediately.  No longer do you need to track sales across channels in spreadsheets and hard copy records.

Integrating Vend: Making Your Workflows Seamless

When multi-channel sales begin to flourish, proper customer engagement and inventory management techniques are needed to keep customers happy.  Traditional sales methods can’t keep up with changing purchasing behavior or competitors in your market.  Given this, it’s important for POS data to be available and accessible throughout the business.  Such insights inform staffing strategies through HR apps, merchandising plans through inventory management apps, and customer targeting through marketing automation apps.  With data integration, an automatic digital customer loyalty program could have triggered customer spending incentives or for an inventory management program, product re-orders.  By itself, Vend is a proper POS system, but it will not manage your workforce or automate your accounting and invoices until it is completely integrated with your other apps.

Workato Optimizes Vend’s Value

Workato’s ready-made recipes integrate Vend with accounting, payroll and finance apps so that your business data is consistently synced across platforms.  Say farewell to the days vendors receive late payments, employees are paid untimely and your product is stalled because of cash flow issues.  Hard coded integrations are not flexible enough to keep up with how quickly the retail landscape changes.  Outsource the work needed to create custom integrations so as the owner, you can focus on high-profit activities.

Vend Xero Integration

Trigger Invoice Creation when a Sale is Made – in Xero

Vend Freshdesk Integration

Trigger Invoice Creation when a Sale is Made – in Freshbooks

With this recipe, accounting is up to date with sales.  Therefore you will never miss a billing cycle or lose out on revenue when a sale is made because of mishandled invoice creation.

Vend Deputy Integration

Sync Sales Data from POS with Vend to Deputy

Your staffing will now be established by actual sales data.  Customer service and sales will be at optimal levels due to proper workforce management.  Goodbye wasted money on unproductive labor hours!

Vend Salesforce Integration

Track POS Sales from Vend to Salesforce

This recipe allows CRM insights to use POS data to better manage salesforce strategies and targeting.  Get a new, holistic view of your customers beyond just making them a contact.

Cloud apps like Vend have unimaginable unlocked potential.  Business flow and profitability during this era has never been easier or more attainable.  Workato has mastered the data integration process and is passing it on to you so your business can flourish.  Take a look at the Vend recipes from Workato and see firsthand the benefits of data integration today.

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