WorkHack: Use Timesheets and Integration to Drive Business Strategy

After a hard day’s work, no employee wishes to fill out a timesheet.  But without this data, employers don’t have visibility on the economics of their business.  You can’t fully blame employees; filling out timesheets is an arduous manual process: finding project codes, filling out spreadsheets, guessing how much time was spent on a project, and then submitting a hard copy to accounting.  Then someone needs to re-enter the information into another system.  Of course, this is all assuming timesheet information is accurate and timely.

TSheets lets users gather better intelligence regarding business operations.  With this app, inaccurate and late data are history. Various business units need access to timesheet information to forecast payroll, manage project profitability, and trigger hiring decisions.  For your company to get the most out of timesheet data, it needs to be integrated in real-time to other cloud applications.

The Nature of Integrating Your Business Apps with TSheets

Integrating timesheet data gives you the most definite picture of your operational and labor costs in real-time, which is critical for project budget monitoring and general profitability.  Timesheets with Tsheets become more than an accountability tool – they become an automatic strategic data input for many critical business decisions.  TSheets needs to be integrated with accounting apps like QuickBooks, project management apps like Basecamp or any HR apps you may use.  If not, your employees will waste time manually merging timesheet data into other databases.  Employers too will lose time piecing together data from various apps to better understand costs or hiring decisions, rather than having it all in one integrated system.  Don’t you agree that your precious time can be better spent?

Workato’s Answer for Releasing TSheets’ Full Advantages

If TSheets isn’t integrated, then the app is simply an electronic timesheet rather than a helpful data mine assisting with project management and HR processes.  Timesheet data should not live in a silo; it should be integrated with all additional business systems in order to achieve its full value.

Workato already offers a full library of TSheet recipes that works with your business apps. Additionally, Workato provides a do-it-yourself platform to create your own workflows (also known as recipes) for data integration.


Sync Project Members with Timesheet Apps

Anyone added to a new project in Basecamp will become a new user in TSheets.  You will know down to the minute when each employee begins working on that new project with this recipe.


TSheet Users Automatically Become Expensify Users

With this recipe, there is absolutely no delay in getting an employee’s timesheet and expenses in sync.  This is especially beneficial for traveling employees.


Automate Google Calendar Events when Timesheets are Created in TSheets

When you create a new timesheet, you can refer back to the exact dates and times team members worked on a project, confirming accurate hours are reflected.

Just like all cloud based apps, TSheets has an extra value that is unlocked once it is integrated with other business apps.  While on its own it simplifies timesheet completion, it is most efficient when Workato seamlessly integrates it throughout your business.  Let Workato handle the data integration process, so you can direct your focus on workflow and profit.  Check out all TSheets recipes from Workato and unlock high performance timesheets.

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