3 Ways to Guarantee Triumph Over the Back To Work Blues

It’s the first Monday of January and that means the entire workforce is recovering from a (hopefully) long winter break! Getting back into the groove can be difficult, from clearing out your email inbox to catching up on the relationships you established before the break. Luckily, some simple steps can make the transition back to regular work hours a breeze and even improve upon your workflow. Happy 2016!

1. Don’t Read Your Emails
Ok, obviously you’ll need to read your emails. However, starting with this task will only overwhelm and bring you down. Start instead with step number 2 and check your emails only after you’ve gotten your priorities straight.

2. Make A Comprehensive List
Now it’s time to muster up all the brain power you can and write down the things you need to accomplish. They don’t need to be in any particular order, this is simply an exercise to get your brain going and keep you focused on your end goals throughout the day.

3. Automate Your Workflow
It’s hard enough to get in the right head space on your first day back. It’s even more disheartening when you have to log into 10 different cloud apps (and remember your logins!) only to perform some tedious manual data entry. Spend a small portion of your day setting up some crucial integrations between the cloud apps you use everyday and save hours of work in the future. Talk about a productive first day back!

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