Salesforce + Workato: Harnessing the Power of A.I. for Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a hot topic and, as it continues to grow more advanced, is solidifying its place in the future of business processes. Though A.I. may be dominating headlines, it really is part of a much larger idea – digital transformation.

Digital transformation is a big theme for companies who want to stay relevant, agile, and continue growing. At the end of 2015, Salesforce Research surveyed 2,200 global IT leaders and CIOs and concluded that, “Successful IT teams must now be proactive, aligned with customer needs, and on top of digital trends like mobile. This shift is most visible in the rise of the chief digital officer, a position that has emerged to address the need for a digitally driven, innovative, and customer-focused leadership role in IT.” The survey found that 60% of these companies currently employed a Chief Digital Officer, solidifying the importance of a company’s ability to adapt new technologies quickly.

Creating a Smarter Service Desk with Salesforce, Workato, and IBM Watson

So where does A.I. fit into this journey of enterprise evolution? Let’s start with IBM Watson, a program that can read a body of text and detect, then categorize emotional tone. By using Salesforce, Workato, and Watson you can quickly and easily turn the analysis of a customer’s tone into actionable intelligence.



Let’s say you receive a case from an unhappy customer. By integrating Salesforce and Watson using Workato, Workato will send the message to Watson who will analyze that message and score it as “angry.” Workato will then move Watson’s score back into Salesforce, so it is view-able on the customer’s profile. Now that a non-human entity was able to determine the tone of the message, we can set up automatic responses to capitalize on a happy note or prevent customer churn on an angry note by connecting Salesforce with hundreds of other apps using Workato.

You can configure your Workato recipe (what we call our integrations) to take conditional actions, such as sending a text message to a customer if the Watson analysis reads “angry” and they are categorized as “VIP.” Or, if Watson reads a “happy” message, Workato can automatically create a Trello card complete with the customer’s Twitter handle to let the marketing team know and follow up. The possibilities don’t stop there. Use Workato and Watson to use personality insights to drive sales approach, send a survey for a low “joy” emotion, automatically identify experts and crowdsource answers to support questions in Slack – the list goes on.

Implementing A.I. Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

You can right now, at this very moment begin using artificial intelligence in your business. You don’t need to know code, have a giant budget, or have hundreds of hours to devote to setting it up. Workato allows you to create complex integrations with no IT team in minutes, empowering you to take full advantage of the cloud apps you use everyday. So what are you waiting for?

Join us at Dreamforce for a session by Sharon Klardie on how to Harness AI in your business workflow and why companies like Box,, and Chargify are saving time and driving an agile business processes with Workato. To find out more about how Workato can automate all your Salesforce workflows and help your company with digital transformation come find us at Dreamforce from October 4-7 this year!


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