Orchestrating the Modern App Stack

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There is no doubt we are living in a world filled with apps for just about anything you want to do. You can peruse hundreds of options to help you with everything from Email Marketing, Lead Generation, or Project Management to home automation, selling your old TV, or guiding you in meditation. But what created this landscape and where did all of these apps come from?

In the past decade or so we have seen the emergence of the Modern Web Stack, a mobile stack containing the tools and services needed to develop apps. This stack has enabled the rapid development of applications and is the driving force behind the proliferation of the best-of-breed apps that people are now using for both work and play. Let’s focus on the business side of the app economy. There are a number of reports on cloud app usage, including the Skyhigh Networks Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, Q4 2016, indicating that an average company uses 1000-2000 apps. This report shows Technology companies at the higher end with around 2000 apps on average and government agencies at the lowest end with around 1000 apps.



*Source: Skyhigh Networks Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, Q4 2016

This has led to the rise of the “Modern App Stack” – best-of-breed apps used and customized to meet a specific need in an organization. With the rise of the Modern App Stack, not only is the volume of data across these apps growing, but the customization of each app required to meet the specific needs of a customer makes it extremely hard to get information from one app to the other and to orchestrate workflows across these apps.

Join Us at the Gartner Application Summit

Integration is an essential part of any successful “Modern App Stack.” If you are attending the Gartner Application Summit (Dec. 6 – 8), stop by our booth to see how Workato, the leading integration platform for the modern app stack and a Gartner Cool Vendor, can help you:

  • Connect and orchestrate your workflows across 1000s of apps
  • Provide robust, scalable enterprise grade features, like governance and compliance, at a fraction of the cost
  • Improve personal productivity via Workbot, which helps you command and access 100s of business apps right from messaging apps like Slack. Did you know that an average employee uses between 30-40 cloud apps at work? Workbot lets you work all these apps right from Slack.

We are also partnering with Box to bring you a Modern Stack Happy Hour on December 7th at the Alto Lounge @ Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Come by to meet our teams, network, and see how you can maximize your investments in enterprise apps. If you’d like an invite to the Happy Hour, please email partners@workato.com.


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