12th Day of Automation: Getting Survey Responses into Your CRM Automatically

It’s the last day of our series the 12 Days of Automation – thank you for tuning in each day to learn about a cool automation we’ve covered over this past year. Happy Holidays to all!

Customer survey results are used to amend strategies, design new products and services, and improve customer service. For your customer service team to use this information, it must be easily on hand when providing support. That means getting the results back into your CRM in real time – something that simply can’t happen manually. You can integrate your CRM and survey tool for a seamless automated survey process that will save you time and optimize your customer service.

Automatically Deploy Surveys and Update in Your CRM

Using Workato’s integration recipes you can craft a fully automated workflow to handle your survey sending and gathering. There is no coding involved and the result is a robust integration that you can “set and forget.” It will get work done while you’re sleeping, doing other important business tasks, or getting your lunch. Here’s an example using Salesforce as your CRM and SurveyMonkey as your survey tool:

salesforce surveymonkey
When a case in Salesforce.com is closed, Workato will send a SurveyMonkey survey to the recipient. When the recipient completes the survey, Workato will automatically update the case with response URL in near real time.

Net Promoter Scores, Your New Best Friend

As Julia Rogers wrote for The Huffington Post, “When you take both praise and criticism to heart in order to fulfill the true needs of these customers, you build invaluable loyalty that can create buzz around your business and bring in enthusiastic, highly qualified referrals.” That’s what makes Net Promoter Scores so important, a customer’s score will gauge their loyalty to your brand or nonprofit’s cause.

We can take the above scenario a step further by incorporating Net Promoter Scores – something that is invaluable for companies and nonprofits alike.

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