Meet Forcebot: The Only Platform Bot for Salesforce

Custom objects and fields? No problem, the Forcebot is with you!

Salesforce users can now work dynamically in Slack with Forcebot – the only Slack bot that can understand your specific Salesforce implementation including any custom objects and fields.

Employees are constantly talking to one another, sharing links and getting notifications in Slack. Forcebot enhances these activities specifically for the Salesforce user. Instead of a firehose of notifications, Forcebot can send you smart, targeted notifications – even notifications that are only relevant to you. If you are discussing a prospect in Slack, Forcebot can interpret your URL from Salesforce and show you all of the information within chat. You can even take action from Slack by clicking the buttons displayed under the information prompting you with next steps.


The best part? Forcebot is powered by Workato’s powerful integration platform allowing it to understand custom objects and fields as well as allowing you to connect Slack to hundreds of the other business apps you use.

Get notifications that matter

Slack is a great place to keep track of milestones and get notifications from apps, but they can become tiresome and eventually ignored if you can’t control which kind of notifications are coming. Forcebot lets you customize your notifications so only the most relevant ones make it to your channel.

You can receive notifications from Forcebot on:

  • New, important leads assigned to you
  • When large opportunities are won
  • New tasks created today
  • Weekly notification of open cases

Beautifully unfurl Salesforce links inside Slack

Forcebot automatically displays relevant info from app URLs right in the chat – no need to click on the link, leave Slack, and log into Salesforce to see the information! You can fully customize the information that is displayed.

And the best part? Forcebot understands your intent and intelligently prompts possible next steps for you so you can act on the information right in Slack.

Visually track your sales targets

Forcebot can send you progress charts on a daily basis automatically so you can monitor your sales targets.

Get work done in Salesforce without leaving Slack

Forcebot can do the following right inside of Slack:

  • List all your leads for the day, opportunities closing this week, and open cases
  • Get a weekly summary of leads, opportunities and cases
  • Show details of accounts and opportunities

Get a 360° view of your customers

It takes multiple apps to get your job done, not just Salesforce. With Forcebot, you have the option to connect with hundreds of other apps using the Workato platform.

You can customize your own commands to incorporate these apps >

Let Forcebot revolutionize how you do work in Slack!