No Code Needed: Using Apttus and Workato for Seamless Quote-to-Cash

Need to Integrate Apttus with your other apps? Apttus and Workato have a lot in common, especially the clicks-not-code mentality. So, while Apttus takes care of increasing sales productivity and making the Quote-to-Cash process easy, let Workato do the heavy lifting between Apttus and CRM applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle E-Business Suite, and SAP as well as ERP applications like NetSuite, Intacct, Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP.

Integrating Apttus with CRM and ERP systems doesn’t need to involve custom code, and there’s really no benefit to taking the time and resources to build something like this from scratch.

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Workato vs. Custom Code vs. Legacy Integration Platforms

Custom code is time consuming, difficult to modify, and can take longer to implement. Luckily, you don’t need to create custom code to comprehensively connect Apttus to your CRM, finance apps or any other cloud or on-premise app on the market. Legacy integration platforms might come to mind next. Though legacy integration platforms can provide you with enterprise integration capabilities, they are very costly and fall short in providing a platform that is powerful yet easy to use.

No compromise necessary – Workato gives you both speed and power at a fraction of the cost.

Workato was named a leader in Forrester Wave iPaaS in 2016 ahead of the legacy players like Jitterbit, Snaplogic, and IBM.

They also rated Workato as:

#1 in Platform Power

#1 in Strategy

#1 in Low Cost



  • Agile
    With Workato, you can create robust connections between Apttus, CRM and ERP systems much more quickly, meaning you can help more customers get going with Apttus and enjoy increased bandwidth for other work.
  • Flexible
    Every business changes and that means your integrations may need to change as well. Making adjustments to your integrations or switching ERP systems doesn’t throw your workflow into chaos when you use Workato. Changes are easy and fast to implement, as no coding is required.
  • Secure
    Workato is an enterprise grade integration platform. We are SOC 2 Type I audited and run on AWS. You can see more security details here >
  • Powerful
    Workato can handle custom objects, complex workflows, powerful data transformations, and allows for comprehensive duplicate control. There is no blindly moving data back and forth. With this kind of power, the sky’s the limit. Read more about our key features>
  • No DevOps
    In a true, multi-tenanted service, you shouldn’t have to think about provisioning fault-tolerance, latency, throughput or uptime. With Workato, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. Workato scales up linearly and automatically without requiring any DevOps or maintenance from your side.
  • 100+ Apps with No Code
    Go beyond your ERP and CRM by easily connecting with all the cloud apps in your workflow. Our pre-built connectors and our no-code, drag-and-drop interface makes this easy and fast. You can also use Workato to integrate a second instance, like our customer Digital Realty. They use Workato because they have 2 Salesforce instances that need to connect with their ERP.
  • Control Apttus from Your Chat Box with Workbot
    Access Apttus, CRM, ERP and all your applications right from Slack or Microsoft Teams. Workbot lets you start / monitor workflows, get insights, see 360-degree customer information, receive intelligent notifications and act on them without leaving your chat platform.

Right now, our Apttus connector is in Beta, but the full connector should be out soon!


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