Innovate! A Guide to Future-Proofing Your Customer Service

Since the dawn of commerce, asking for support has had the reputation of being an unpleasant process. After all, if someone is asking for customer service, they’re probably already unhappy. Maybe there’s a problem with a product, a service, or another aspect of the customer experience, and it’s disrupting their ability to go about life per usual.

That’s why businesses focus so much on providing excellent support – it’s directly correlated with customer retention. Receiving bad service is a strong indicator that the customer won’t make another purchase in the future; 66% of consumers will switch brands due to poor service. But the opposite is also true: receiving good service drastically increases the odds that they’ll be a returning customer. In terms of sales, you’re 14 times more likely to sell to an existing happy customer than you are to new customer.

Solution: Enable Smart Service

For customer support teams, these truths shape their work every day. But the customer service landscape is changing. Technology has both transformed what customers expect from support and opened the door for Customer Support teams to impress and delight with pre-emptive support, the use of A.I. and more.

In this brave new world of customer support, workflow automation and integration are essential. However, automation doesn’t mean replacing your staff with robots. It means optimizing your business workflows and automating tedious manual tasks so your staff can focus on providing the ever-vital human touch.

When you use several best-of-breed apps like Intercom, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Marketo, JIRA, Github and more, the key is to enable information to intelligently flow from one to the other. Here at Workato, we’re committed to making integration work for you, instead of the other way around. Your workflows should be seamless, but automating complex processes can seem daunting. That’s why we’re happy to debut our latest eBook, Innovate: A Guide to Future-Proofing Your Customer Service.

You’ll learn:

  • …how future-proofing impacts your ability to keep your current customers, and how automation can help attract new ones
  • …how incorporating A.I. can drastically reduce the burden of providing omnichannel support by reducing hours spent on ticket escalation
  • …how to implement key integrations across eCommerce, field support, and IT support operations
  • …from real-life examples of companies that successfully integrated their CS operations.

Customer service teams need to innovate for the future. Work smarter, instead of harder. Download the full eBook now.

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