Workato and RingCentral Team Up to Bring Intelligent, Connected Communication to Enterprises

Communications are central to any enterprise. From communicating with customers to cooperating with colleagues, it’s key to have a user-friendly communications system that can easily adapt to the needs of your business.

Today, many businesses have adopted a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) model. This cloud-based approach enables your staff to use not only voice services but also video conferencing, screen sharing, and text messages. But even with this new approach to corporate communications, there’s still a disconnect between most companies’ UCaaS systems and their other critical apps like CRMs, survey tools, and marketing automation platforms.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our premier partnership with RingCentral. As one of the largest providers of VoIP and web chat services for enterprise, RingCentral offers many businesses a leaner, more agile approach to communications. Together with Workato, RingCentral can be a powerful tool for your business.

Creating a Unified Communications Ecosystem with Workato and RingCentral

RingCentral houses a lot of rich data that is crucial to your business, from simple metrics like call length and contact information to more complicated data, such as information about the timing of calls or peak contact times. And that’s not to mention information from the calls and text messages themselves, such as whether a customer is satisfied or likely to churn.

This data can be invaluable to teams throughout your business, from sales to support and even engineering. For example, it’s helpful for support agents to be able to see when a customer last called. But in order to make the most of this data, you need an easy way of connecting RingCentral to other apps like your CRM.

Workato is the perfect tool for integrations like this one. As the world’s first intelligent automation platform, Workato offers a secure, agile platform that both technical experts and lines-of-of-business users can use to build fully automated workflows.

A great example is how we use RingCentral internally to enhance our account-based customer service. But that’s just one example; with Workato, you can create a wide range of workflows with RingCentral, such as receiving an SMS when you miss a call from a customer. You can even automatically deploy surveys from SurveyMonkey when a RingCentral call ends and sync the results back to your CRM!

In an era where customer expectations are higher than ever, these integrations can help relieve the burden placed on customer-facing teams. By creating automated systems of engagement by using Workato to connect RingCentral with apps like Salesforce, Hubspot, and NetSuite, your business can stay on top of customer communications more easily.

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The Future of Communications: Emerging Technology

Five years ago, it was revolutionary to let customers contact your business via text message. Today, the world of business communications is shifting once again. This time, it’s evolving to incorporate emerging technologies like AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Using these technologies to improve your business’s communications isn’t a futuristic dream; it’s possible today, with tools like Watson—and integration.

For example, you can easily use Workato to send RingCentral voicemails to Watson for analysis. Watson can then use speech-to-text conversion to create a transcript of the voicemail. Workato then takes the text and adds it as a comment on the right support ticket. This not only makes it easier for the support agent to deal with but also helps keep comprehensive records of all issues in your support app, which is important for reporting purposes.

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You can also use Workato to connect RingCentral to tools that can perform sentiment analysis on calls, voicemails, and texts—a useful integration if your business needs to triage many calls quickly!

Harness the True Power of UCaaS for Your Business

As businesses continue to digitally transform, communication will be more important than ever—not just for your employees and customers, but between your apps as well. At Workato, we’re excited to work with RingCentral to unlock the true power of UCaaS for your business.

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