Here’s How to Tell If You’ve Outgrown Zapier

Traditionally, building integrations has been challenging for non-technical employees. Over the past ten years, however, the no-code revolution has empowered many more people to create custom integrations with easy-to-use platforms, which leverage point-and-click UX rather than code.

A popular starter platform is Zapier, which many business users take advantage of to build “zaps,” or simple integrations. But using Zapier is like riding a bike with training wheels: it’s helpful for beginners, but the platform inevitably becomes a limitation when you want to do more. Many users eventually:

  • Are scared of losing data when a Zap stops running or there’s an error
  • Need to account for complex business logic, like “if-then” scenarios or rule exceptions
  • Want more robust security features.

It can be truly frustrating to encounter any of these difficulties, and they can immediately affect your business negatively. Luckily, outgrowing Zapier doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams of easily creating integrated workflows for your business!

Here’s are five signs that it’s time to make the change to a more robust platform!

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