Here’s How to Tell If You’ve Outgrown Celigo

As a robust ERP, NetSuite is one of the most common enterprise apps. From procurement and quote-to-cash to employee onboarding and provisioning, the app plays a central role in countless enterprise workflows.

That’s why integrating NetSuite with your other apps and programs is crucial to making sure business-critical processes happen—and happen efficiently.

One of the most popular tools for NetSuite integration is Celigo. But using Celigo can ultimately limit what you can do with your ERP. Many Celigo users eventually:

  • Need more robust integrations that can accommodate specialty apps and complex workflow logic;
  • Require granular security controls, consumption tracking, and compliance with industry standards like HIPAA and GDPR;
  • Desire high data throughput and zero data loss in the event of an error; and
  • Would benefit from round-the-clock, on-demand support for their integration tool.

It can be frustrating when your iPaaS stops meeting your needs, but no one wants to implement a brand-new integration tool if they don’t have to. Here’s how to tell whether it’s time to move beyond Celigo.

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