How Avid Successfully Replaced Its Legacy ESB Solution with Workato

Avid Technology, Inc.—a US-based technology company that develops tools to enable the creation, management, storage, and distribution of film, television, and music—found itself in a difficult situation: The vendor support of their legacy webMethods ESB solution was ending. 

The team at Avid® had to replace it, quickly. They searched for platforms that not only offered fast go-live times but could also achieve pervasive integrations and automations by enabling more ‘citizen’ builders.

To meet this need, they purchased another market-leading enterprise iPaaS solution. However, due to complexity and the need for training and maintaining specialized resources, it was never fully implemented. The need for citizen integrators was not met, their systems were not synced, and they were running out of time in replacing webMethods. 

That’s when they decided to try Workato.

Avid Sees Early Success After Adopting Workato

Using Workato, whose platform offers a user-friendly, highly-capable UI as well as an easy to understand and justify pricing model, Avid could address many of the challenges above. This included the ease of use to enable citizen integrators, fast go-live times, and robust technical capabilities. 

As a trusted partner, Boston SoftDesign was asked to help deliver the Workato solutions within the compressed timeline Avid needed to achieve. Despite never having used Workato, BSD was confident that with their deep technical expertise and experience around integration tools and methodologies, they could meet Avid’s goals. 

Quickly finding a cadence, BSD was working in lockstep with Workato within days and quickly exceeded expectations for almost every metric. 

Though the timeline was very aggressive, the initial phases were production-ready in a matter of weeks thanks to a combination of BSD’s expertise and Workato’s platform.  

Using the flexibility of the platform, BSD quickly built out custom SAP connectors that allowed them to scale as well as build additional use cases quickly.  Once the SAP connector was prepared and successfully tested, it was clear that the project would be a success. 

However, there was still one more major hurdle which presented several complex concerns.

  • PGP decrypt had no embedded signature validation
  • Jobs history had file body visible

BSD installed a specific program to work with keys. Then, they prepared scripts that could call GPG with specific parameters that were added to the agent config. This resulted in a smooth, well-run, and user-friendly interface that completely addressed customer requirements.

Scalable Automations that Deliver Improved Customer Experiences and Business Continuity

Using Workato and their deep expertise, BSD was able to exceed all expectations, automate complex business processes that span several applications, and go live quickly. Even better, the workflows were built in a way that would support their continued rapid growth and scale seamlessly. 

ALL targets of the project were achieved. This meant that all stages/implementations were delivered on time or even beforehand. Workato also met the client’s goal of enabling citizen integrators; all business users were educated on how the new model works. 

After migrating from on-prem Webmethods to Workato, Avid achieved significant improvement in their overall integration experience, which has been critical for improving its operations, business continuity, and customer experience. 

Looking to replace your own integration solution with an enterprise automation platform like Workato? You can speak to the team at BSD to get started!

You can learn more about the impact Workato and BSD have had by reading what some of the leaders at Avid said below.

 “Now we have a greater capacity to support digital business growth without worrying about scalability and performance of middleware.”
– Alex Sukennik, CIO, Avid

“Seamless integration between SFDC and SAP significantly increased overall sales operations experience, faster syncing of data between two applications.”
– Alex Sukennik, CIO, Avid

“Integration reliability has been increased to 99.99%; traditionally, we were having a 95% reliability rate with Webmethods. Bringing modern integration technology such as Workato has reduced overall development, testing and deployment time. This is a key component for Avid’s agile practices. With a low code approach, time to delivery is exponentially reduced. With real-time/near-real-time integration, users’ experience is seamless,”
– Rizwan Muhammad, Dir, Enterprise Applications at Avid

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