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Forcebot – the only Platform bot for Salesforce

Forcebot is an intelligent bot for Slack that understands your specific Salesforce implementation and adapts to your needs. It is the only bot that can use custom objects and fields. You can get smart notifications, daily lead summaries, take action from Slack, unfurl URLs from Salesforce inside Slack and more.

Workato’s Workbot for Slack:

Workbot is the first chat bot on the market that enables employees to access and command applications from within chat. Workbot shifts Slack from a listening platform to a doing platform as it takes commands and executes actionsit even understands the chat context and makes recommendations.

Workato’s award-winning cloud automation and integration platform is the engine powering Workbot for Slack and HipChat (in private beta) with powerful application connections and data access. Workbot enables a single interface for users to interact with over 100 applications.

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Personal Workbot for Slack

Workbot got an update based on feedback from our users. More useful for individuals, Personal Workbot can send you Direct Messages only when a notification is relevant to you, automatically send information on a schedule, and can respond to natural language commands. Support for Trello and Marketo added. Pricing follows the same model as the Workato platform.

Download Screenshots here.

Company Description:

Workato is an award-winning cloud automation and integration platform with enterprise-grade capabilities and no coding required. Workato seamlessly integrates with over 100 business applications and enables task automation across all those apps. The team comes from a deep background in building integration products and will continue to expand and change the automation and integration space.

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Founders Bio:

Workato was founded by Vijay Tella in 2013 to address the last mile integration problem facing the SaaS space. Prior to Workato, Tella was:

  • A founder and SVP of Engineering at TIBCO, a leading provider of real-time middleware communications products
  • Chief Strategy Officer for Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • CEO of Qik
  • VP of Mobile Video at Skype

Tella also serves on the board of the San Jose Ballet and serves as co-founder of the Tella Sakomoto Foundation.

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